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The Object Movement Analytic Tool (OMAT) is a unity asset bundle.

It contains multiple modules that are designed to assist in measuring and displaying movement data of game objects.

Movement Simulation: A simple "on rails" node system that allows you to plot out a predefined path for a game object to follow in game. Comes with the ability to Start, Pause and Reset the game object's automated movement along the node path.

Movement Recording: A module that tracks the movement and rotation of an object at run time and stores the data in an external XML file for use with the other modules.

Movement Playback: A module that allows an in editor visualization of the prerecorded movement data.

Heat-map Generation: A module that creates an in editor heat-map representation of the prerecorded movement data.

This asset bundle also contains user documentation. With pictures :D


Darryl Long

Mitchell Pryor

Lanz De Jesus

Jacob Chen

Install instructions

Extract and Run Asset Package and the files should be added to your Unity project.


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